Electronic Signing 

As many of you will be aware we are now using Nitro, an electronic signing app which allows you to sign your documents and send them back to us.  After you have signed you will get a copy of the documents emailed back to you which is printable, and we will receive your signed copy automatically.  We have been working with our IT specialists to find the most efficient and importantly secure way to send our clients their financial information and this ticks the box so far, thank you for embracing this new technology with us!

PAYG and the ATO.  

When we get any information for our clients through our ATO agent portal we will always send it on to our clients.  There are instances however when the ATO will contact you directly or will add information to your mygov account which we do not have access to.  One of the most common reasons for this to occur is when you have entered the PAYG system and have an amount owing.  You can sign up to create a mygov account here. ​https://my.gov.au/en/create-account/

If you would like to discuss anything with our team, please call 03 5975 3500