It is a sad fact that we are continuing to hear horrific stories of how people have been scammed recently.  Over the past five years, the number of cyber security breaches has increased by an amazing 67%.  Which is why we all need to protect our passwords, our data and our identity.

Recent scams include:

‘your parcel is ready for delivery’ generally by text message.

‘This is a message from the ATO….’ a phone call

Not to mention many bitcoin scams from local media to national broadcasts.

Step One

  • Never click on a suspicious link sent to your phone or email
  • Do not open an email from a sender you do not know, simply delete
  • Never give any of your personal information out via email or phone

Step Two

  • Create a strong hard to hack password, including at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, a number and symbols
  • Use a password that you’ll remember, the more characters the more secure it will be
  • Don’t use predictable pathways such as your surname or date of birth

Step Three

  • Take advantage of two step authentication, it takes four or five seconds more but gives your personal information Double the protection!

If it seems to good to be true as the old saying goes it probably is! And if you are at all suspicious of any phone calls or emails trust yourself, anyone genuine would always be more than willing prove to you who they are.

As your trusted Accountants we know just how serious privacy and protection is, now more than ever!

Keep Safe.